Innovationist and CEO of WhiteBoard Product Solutions

Rick's determination to achieve goals in his professional life translates to his
personal life as well. He loves skiing, wind surfing, biking, but most of all auto
racing. Whether man versus nature or man versus machine, it's the need for
quick response time and alertness within these pastimes that carries through
and adds to his success as a competitive professional. The pursuit for success
does not stop at the end of the workday; it's a lifestyle mindset that drives Rick
around the clock.

"Competition is very important to me. It keeps me focused, aggressive, goal-
oriented. I'm always trying to be better. There's nothing like pushing yourself
to the limit and hitting your target. It's incredibly fulfilling. I reach for that feeling
in every aspect of my life. And I try to bring out the champion in the people I
work with, too. You have to be driven to survive in this business and that's how
we've been so successful for so long." - Rick Polk


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