Innovationist and CEO of WhiteBoard Product Solutions

Rick's drive to succeed started early. As a child, he applied his passion for performance to everything around him. Whether modifying sports equipment
or racing go-karts, Rick and his gear were at the top of their game. In 1974
he began an internship for a consumer products company. Over the course
of 10 years he moved from packaging, to manufacturing, then to engineering,
sales, product design, marketing and finally VP of product development. This
broad-based experience gave him teh foundation to start WhiteBoard Product
Solutions - on of the largest full-service product design firms in the Midwest.

Call it curiousity or dogged determination, this drive still exists today. At
WhiteBoard he instills a commitment to bring innovation and performance to
the needs of a very diversef group of clients. His goal: to create winning
product solutions that satisfy market demands, manufacturing requirements,
and profit expectations. And for over 20 years Rick and WhiteBoard
have delivered.


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